Press Release: Strategic Alliance Provides Full-Spectrum of Financial Expertise in One Place

Blackmor CPA and Advanced Hospice Management Form Strategic Alliance for Turnkey Hospice Finance and Billing Solutions

Two hospice industry titans – Blackmor CPA and Advanced Hospice Management – have converged into one joint venture to combine world class accounting and billing/collection services for the hospice industry.

This joint venture will allow independent hospices from the startup phase to 500+ ADC achieve the same level of financial and billing sophistication as their larger health system competitors – all while keeping costs competitive. While large hospice conglomerates can build large billing and accounting departments spread out over thousands of patients to keep overhead low while building in redundancy to manage fluctuations in ADC, smaller hospices can’t attract and retain the same level of talent or achieve similar economies of scale – until now. The combination of Blackmor CPA and Advanced Hospice Management gives independent hospices that competitive edge: combining cost-efficiency with the ability to manage fast growth ADC.

“I searched the entire industry to find a billing solution whose values and customer service commitments matched our own. I found that Advanced Hospice Management has the highest levels of collection in the industry, hands down, achieving 95% to 98% collection rates consistently across all of its clients,” noted Aaron Blackmor, Founder & CEO of Blackmor CPA. “What impressed me even further was the fact that Advanced Hospice Management works on a ‘success fee basis,’ so they only get paid when the client gets paid. They are clearly incentivized to collect as much as possible and as quickly as possible for their clients.”

This alliance will form a collaboration with combined clients across the entire United States, including Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. “The depth of billing and accounting know-how that this strategic alliance will create is almost unheard of in the hospice space,” noted Delaine Henry, CEO of Advanced Hospice Management. “We found early on that Blackmor shares our vision of excellence in the quality of service that they provide, as well as their dedication to customer service. Both companies believe in working every day to earn our customers’ loyalty and trust. Fast and accurate billing collection is very important – so is producing accurate financials and the ability to properly manage financial performance. This is just some of what Blackmor brings to the table for its customers.”

To learn more about this joint venture contact Advanced Hospice Management at (888) 334-5909 or, or contact Blackmor CPA at (828) 233-1180 or

Advance Hospice Management is the largest independent hospice billing solution in the country, integrating with every software platform available for hospice and with the highest collection rates in the industry. Advanced Hospice Management’s geographical and personnel redundancies means zero turnover, constant availability, and increased peace of mind for hospice executives.

Blackmor CPA is one the leading hospice-specific accounting firms in the country, offering outsourced accounting and financial reporting, financial health assessments, and a host of services including coaching and mentoring of the finance team and interim c-suite support. The average Blackmor CPA client is more than twice as profitable from operations as the median hospice while saving 0.5% of net revenue over internal staffing based on current national benchmarking assessments.


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