How to Transition to Outsource Hospice Billing

Don’t fear the unknown; understanding how outsourcing your billing with the right company will improve your bottom line, will definitely make it easier to make an impartial, profitable decision [...]

5 Reasons to Work with a Hospice Billing Company

If you own or manage a hospice care agency, you undoubtedly know how frustrating it can be to take time and energy away from your caring for your patients to handle your organization’s [...]

Why Timing Matters In Hospice Billing

Do you know the best practices for keeping a timely filing and billing cycle? Hospice billing is a sequential process, and any mistake can throw off the complex process of filing claims and [...]

Common Hospice Billing Problems & Their Solutions

Any mistakes made during your hospice billing cycle can keep you from maximizing your hospice collections. Learn how to avoid late Notice of Elections (NOEs), how to prevent errors on your [...]

3 Ways To Increase Hospice Collections

There are several factors that can keep you from receiving your maximum level of hospice collections. Here are our three steps to help you increase your collections and promote a smoother billing [...]

5 Things To Know About Hospice Medicaid Claims

While Medicaid provides coverage to working families, it is also one of the most prevalent forms of financial aid for nursing homes and hospice care facilities. Here are five facts about Medicaid [...]

How To Improve Your Hospice Billing

Staying on top of your billing can help you avoid non-covered service days and give you confidence that your claims will hold up under audit scrutiny. Here are just a few ways to improve your [...]

7 Things To Know About Hospice Medicare Claims

1. The Medicare Hospice Benefit is paid under Medicare Part A, the hospitalization benefit. When electing hospice, the patient forfeits their Medicare Part B, or outpatient insurance, for all [...]

What Is Hospice Revenue Cycle Management?

Hospice Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the management of the process through which hospice providers ultimately receive compensation for their services. It is essential that each stage of the [...]

5 Things To Know As a Hospice Startup

What are essential points to consider when opening a hospice service? Before starting up, it is crucial to have a plan that is designed to ensure the smoothest path to opening. Outline a business [...]

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